James Hersey’s been shoved in the limelight with “Coming Over,” a low-key number on Dillon Francis new EP “This Mixtape is Fire.” Rightly so, Hersey’s catalog is a laundry list of positive tunes – simple and upbeat with smooth vocals. We asked James the tough questions that strictly lead to thoughtful answers.

1) What is EDM?

Neon Cornflakes

2) How did you link up with Filous and what was the process like collaborating with him?

Filous got in touch late last summer with an urgent request – he’d made a bootleg remix of my acoustic video “Coming Over,” and it was getting extremely positive reactions from some huge blogs. We loved his production, and pretty soon the track was everywhere! “How Hard I Try” was a classic internet collab – Filous sent over a couple instrumentals, and one stuck out in particular. I spent about a week writing on it and sent back a rough demo. When that was approved we hit the studio together just once, and a week later there was a master in my Dropbox! He’s brilliantly fast on Ableton.

3) Who would you like to collaborate with, male or female?

Stromae, John Mayer, and Lorde!

4) Please explain “Juliet.” It’s a bit different from the rest of the album.

Juliet is a wordy track about a long-distance relationship that went wrong. I produced the instrumental on a laptop in Holland and got this strong electronic vibe, so the chorus and verses amplify that energy.

5) Who should we be listening to?

Our parents.

6) What are some personalities we should follow on Facebook and Instagram?

For some crazy/genius photographers check out my friends Olav Stubberud and Mahir Jahmal; for a good laugh follow Dillon Francis; and for the sickest skate/snow shots find Jenkem Magazine!

7) Is Tropical House a fad or is it here to stay?

I think the positive vibes and melodies of Tropical are a welcome change in a genre dominated by the darker intentions of Deep House, Dubstep and DNB. I think it’s here to stay!

8) What was the collaboration process with Dillon Francis and Kygo like? Is Dillon Francis just as comedic as he portrays himself?

Kygo reached out to me last September, and only a few days after I sent him “Coming Over” there was an explosion on the internet – Dillon Francis posted a teaser of their version and everyone loved it! Kygo and I are close now, but I haven’t met Dillon in person yet.

9) What was your favorite place to play in the US? Any places you want to play?

I think my favorite show in the US was Webster Hall in NYC – I was sick for a bunch of shows before that, and it was the first time I was really back on my feet and able to enjoy myself. I’d love to play the Hollywood Bowl someday!