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We have a whole lotta love for Lakechild. This german duo has given us some serious tunes as of late and blessed us with a quick Q & A about how they got their name and who we should be scouting on IG and FB.

1) What is your most important personal routine?

This has to be listening to music. As we come from different backgrounds than electronic music, our listening range is quite big – from Mozart over good old Buddy Miles to Sven Väth. There’s no real consistency in our preferences, but as long as we like it, we listen to it!

2) Who would you like to collaborate with, male or female?

We really like James Hersey! His voice and guitars are spot on. Would be cool to mix some Lakechild vibes into that.

3) Angus & Julia Stone have a uncanny style resemblance to Bob Dylan. How did you pick “Grizzly Bear?”

We were in the studio last year and Nico started humming the chorus, because he had heard the song on the radio some days before – what better proof of catchiness is there – and thats how we got the idea. We really liked the laid-back feel of the song and tried to keep this vibe in our remix.

4) Who should we be listening to?

Lion’s Head, Feast, Wasted Ruffians, LEEX, Dinnerdate, Fabich, Wolfskind. Oh and you have to check out the band Kytes!

5) Is it Lake Constance where you two met?

We actually met in high school in 2010 and had some smaller projects back then, but it was when Nicolas moved to Lake Constance and I moved to the lake of Zurich (hence the name Lakechild) when all this started.

6) Who influences you?

I guess personally wise, theres no bigger influence than our families, life situations and the people around us. Musically, we try to pick up as many flavors as possible, but to name one: Claptone.

7) What are some personalities we should follow on Facebook and/or Instagram?

Definitely check out the Facebook and Instagram of 90’s Boiler Room! They post great videos.

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