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A few days ago Sonnengruss took us to the studio and we talked about his music and plans for the future. It was a very warm conversation between us and we are proud to have Tobias, the boy behind Sonnengruss, in our #ChromeSelects interview series.

About two months ago, you had your first live performance in Munich. How can you imagine it?

It was an incredible feeling for me, cause it was also the first live gig at all for me. Also I loved the audience, they have returned so much energy. As a singer, I had my girlfriend with me – we really harmonize well together. For the future, I can only say that there will be many more live shows from us!

Where did you learn your craft and how to work on the DJ-desk?

The DJing I have mostly taught myself. I have practiced daily and worked on my skills. Of course I also exchanged tips & tricks with other DJs. For the production I started at the end of 2013. Meanwhile I have a super team around me, with whom I make the whole project “Sonnengruss”. Without the team, we would not be there where we are now. 

There are more and more artists in your genre. What makes you different from them? How high is the pressure to develop the unique features?

I do not feel the pressure at all. Every artist is an enrichment. Through the way you produce, which sounds, synths and instruments you use, what musical background you have, and so on, I think everyone will sooner or later have a signature sound. If something sounds good and I like it, then I do it. And I think with Sonnengruss we´ve created something unique from the sound, which has not really existed so far. 

Nowadays there are so many big festivals all around the world. What’s your dream festival to play?

Well, everyone is always talking about Tomorrowland. Of course this is also one of the festivals for me where I want to play, but this is just my second one. My dream is to play in San Diego at the CRSSD Festival. I know the festival for a very long time, always following the live streams, videos and pictures. The location is so unique to me and that is also the reason for me that I want to hang out there for a set. 

We are sitting here with you in the studio and listend to one of your upcoming tracks. Moreover we read on your Facebook page that you have a lot of more new songs in the pipeline. When can we expect? 

Yes, thats true, we were very diligent the last weeks. There are so many new songs coming out! The first one (you have listend to) is coming very very soon. All our other productions too – therefor we’ll announce more shortly. I can hardly wait to show it to all of you! 

Last question – Are there any fixed plans for the future?

First, thanks for the warm interview. It gave me great pleasure to talk with you about my music. To return to the question. We don’t have fixed plans at the moment. We are looking forward to our releases now and then we will see where the journey will lead us. Of course, I hope that there will be a big tour next year!


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