Corinne Bailey Rae should get a shorter name before she covers Jack White..


powermanironfist_by_Dunlavey.gifSo CBR covered the Raconteurs “steady as she goes“. But i don’t get it.

First she pissed me of with her long ass name and next you know the song is the very same with not even the slightest musical twist. It just sounds so close to the original with merely a different vocalist on top. And she is just on top of the track not her game. I don’t get it. If she wasn’t a sister i’d say this is the palest song i have put on this site ever. (Pale = not Good, ie boring – let’s say like warm beer). Listen to that song if you must, or go to any other music posts on this site. See – that’s teh kind of post i come up with when i have absolutely nothing to do.

But at least i didn’t post a picture of hers on here.

Sounds like i am hating – well i guess i am – her name’s too loooong