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We used to call tracks like this secret weapons. When you hear a track like this from a yet unknown artist and see it work on the dancefloor from a Djs perspective , you understand why we would call it that. In all seriousness, this a my favourite track atm. Stone Cold Thriller here – with it’s positive lyrics and super well sung vocals, the track somehow manages to deliver a drop that is still savage af . Makes you wanna go apeshit, do backflips, any kind of physical gymnastics or simply having full epileptic bounces. Damzky drops a heavy tune right here and it’s one of those that you look up when a playlist is is running in the back. That’s how i came across this massive chooooon!

I’d love to see Jihadi Jesus & Jackie 4Chan do some spasms to it @ HWNDU Part 2.

This track is all fun & games. I can see myself doing all kind of physical gymnastics that you only perform in video games. Perfect Zeitgeist tune and a highly recommanded!