Here we have a hauntingly beautiful tune.


If it’s associated with contemporary folk-singer/songwriter indie rock and cutting edge house production the name Dinnerdate has to be closely associated with it, since he was one of the very first ones to push that door wide open and actually walk through it… And ever since he started he has been delivering goods of the highest quality. Bow down and give the man some thanks for the many pleasent moments he has created with his unique mixture of sound – and ps in contrast to many of the young ones riding that formula, and are just in for the bandwagon effect, Dinnerdates material differs a lot since it does stand the test of time. Just check his earliest releases and then go back to this tune. The technical component may have improved but the essence of music, namely transporting and setting emotional states, has stayed true since day one. This tune is no different. Still Parade one of the coolest bands to emerge in recent times get a proper remix by a man who knows what to pick and rework. Quality material that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on. Grab it and make sure to follow him on Facebook and Soundcloud.

And while you’re at it, check out the rest of Still Parades other material via their own Soundcloud (Follow them guys, there is a lot to we can expect here). I have been a fan for a few months and their music is nothing short of bliss. One could say they sound a lot like Bon Iver, but that isn’t such a bad thing, is it?