Dropbox just in: Dynamq – “Reggae Feeling” prod by TuneIn Crew


I rarely check my inbox these days, but the first track i checked today and its a winner. This literally just got in. Time print says 10 min ago and its sweet buttery goodness. Check this anthem, they resell it for 99ç on itunes. Bought it right away. Lyrics go some like this: “Play some Burning Spear…. Play some sweet reggae music tonight, and sweet reagge music and rub a dub feeling for life”. Great just the right wake up tune for me. I am playing tonight and this is just what i will do. Gimme an extra reggae set, yes man.

Dynamq – Reggae Feeling by TuneInCrew

But why does the artwork on reggae records always have to look like this? i could only post it as mini thumb.