Yea, you definitely heard his remix of Kid Cudi’s “Day N Nite'” by now. But there is more to this Italian man than meets the eye. He’s got 2 record labels, countless remixes that are main weapons for every DJ set, and has toured the world, making everyone a believer in the process.

“Sixteen Chapel,” Crooker’s album, goes from Deep House with “Heavy” to Electro Pop with “I Just Can’t” with Jeremih in a matter of minutes, proving genres are just a thing is the past. Below, we checked in to see what he had to say about notorious eater TJR, his trippy music videos, and life after death.

1. PC Magazine just completed a study of the most used emoji’s in each country. The banana was the most used in Italy. What do you think? And, what’s your most used emoji?

Probably because we have a big banana so we always want to show it off. I don’t know, I tend to not use too many emoji’s unless it’s for a stupid reason. So, I think the one that I use the most is the kiss just because I want to kiss.

2. Differences between your two record labels – Lucky Beard and Ciao Recs?

Lucky Beard is a label I started when I was tired in a way of always making the same sounds, this label is where I can do weird, experimental, fucked up music. A reason why Lucky Beard is interesting to me is we don’t promote it, we don’t do any marketing for it, we are not trying to be a big label, we are just sending the music out.

Ciao Recs started as the home for my new records. I ended the relationship with other labels and I didn’t want to deal with other labels, I wanted to do my own thing. I don’t call Ciao Rec’s a proper label though.

3. In your 2nd life, are you going to be a pizza like in “Picture This?”

Yes, it would be a nice end and a good start.

4. How did the concept come about for “Able To Maximize?” Is it going to be a series because at the end it says, “To Be Continued…”

There is going to be a crazy animated video for “I Just Can’t” but it the record is doing so well so we decided to make a real music video for the single too. I am the doctor saving lives in the video.

At the end of “I Just Can’t” you will understand why all the other stuff happened. It’s some trippy shit.

5. You and TJR go on tour. What is the tour name called?

TJR fucking hates to pay for food. He eats and I pay. I always say to him, “I pay, he eats.”

6. “Dangerous” off Sixteen Chapel is a bit different from the album. Can you tell me a bit about the track?

I was fucking around with some old groove that I had and I slowed it down to a funky line, I wanted to make a song with that, like ’92-’93 sound stuff.

7. What is your favorite kind of hummus?

The normal kind, I don’t want to see spice, pesto. If I want to add spice I’ll add my spice.

8. What should we be listening to?

Psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll from the 70’s. Italian bands.

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