Emynd, was a pleasure brother


Bild 5.png

Was a pleasure meeting this nice dude, he is drinkfest and knows how to hold “Ze Stiefel”. Too bad he already hit the dusty trail. See you soon enough Em, me and Tom are gonna supply you with some YUM YUM material and remixes.

Dj Emynd “To all my Haters” (Unruly records)
So here is another track from him and funny that Excels on this pic as well, who just recently made a mix called Chrome-Swagga-Mix for our website. If you wanna support the man here is a link for purchasing his material. Recheck his blog www.crossfadedbacon.com and say what up to the man. Don’t be fooled by his bmore approach – the man is everywhere. Doing his thang in the spirit if a true YUM YUM pioneer.
Next time you around we’ll have you properly shipped throughout the lands. So long..