Fergie got a Penis!


Exclusive: Fergie And Josh Duhamel At The Dodgers Game

Now that i got your attention:

On we go with our shameless selfpromotion (more Fergie pics here – but we all knew about her transgenderism anyway)


RSVP on FAcebook and tell your people in the Cologne Area about our 3rd stop on the YUM YUM Kswiss Tour in Cologne this Friday @ Subway with our folks the Booty Call djs.

I used to deal a lot with the guys in Cologne – Groove Attack – when i ran a record shop called BAM BAM – just like this pimped Sister Nancy version.

The shops where you can get our tees in cologne: Vibes / Monsieur Courbet/ Magasin Populaire.


Dj Fashen – Bam Bam Rmx