Frank Ocean – Endless (Visual Album)Frank Ocean has released a 45-minute long video titled “Endless.” A representative from Apple Music calls it his new “visual album.” Rumor has it more from Frank will drop this weekend. “Endless” features new Frank songs and takes place in the same warehouse where Ocean has been hosting a web stream. The status of Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry and its long-reported accompanying print publication are currently unclear. Stream the visual album below.

Download the album here.


01 Device Control02 At Your Best (You Are Love) (Isley Brothers cover)03 Mine04 Unity05 Ambience 00106 Commes Des Garcons07 Ambience 00208 Wither09 Hublots10 In Here Somewhere11 Slide on Me12 Sideways13 Florida14 Deathwish15 Rushes16 Rushes To17 Higgs18 Outro

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