good folk artists & their music via myspace


172588220_5fd9522407_o.jpgGreat Folk singers (not folky – that crap with that crappy electronic twist)
only way to find them was via myspace – thats what its good for. Enjoy these songs: 1. matt costa – “Sunshine” 2. personal favourite singer / songwriter – alexi murdoch – “Orange Sky” 3. tracy mcmillan – “Fossils”
4. meghan toohey – “Please you” 5. arthur alligood – “All the While”
6. paolo nutini – Last request” 7. Jane Birkin is on myspace !!! (i guess all the retards are now like – see i told ya, everybodys on it, yeah but only if you are having a product – not for narcissist reasons like you douches)