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Claptone’s letting the music speak for itself, for he adorns his face with a “dazzling golden mask.” This magical mask gave this man a powerful and rare gift, see, something was bestowed on him, making music that offers another dimension.

Don’t believe me?

Check out “Cream,” a classic by the Wu-Tang Clan. Remixed too many times to count, Claptone took the signature tune and gave it a disciplined hand-over-hand rhythmic beat, never losing the signature drum pattern. He also showed off his prowess of production, adding in a stroke of the violin. But enough fawning over this remix, today, we bring you something new(ish). His remix of “Liquid Spirit” by Gregory Porter.

“Liquid Spirit” falls in the same category as “Cream.” Claptone takes the record on a well paced groove, dropping in timely placed vocal samples throughout that lingers for a couple extra seconds.

Be sure to check out both tracks below:

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