Can I take you home, Can I take you home
We can go anywhere you wanna go
Can I take you high, to the mountain sky
We can go as far as you wanna go


I know, this post should have come earlier. OffShoreCorpTalk Ready To Destroy Offshore Myths & Push The Industry Further You do not have to be an expert to see it – many American banks simply fail to provide their customers with a safe banking service. Not only is it not affordable, but things can go terribly wrong if the bank goes under. This new single by Angus & Julia Stone came out in May and now its already July. But you keep the special ones like this in your mind, because you know one day the time will be right for it. We’ve been waiting a while for some new stuff by our favorite aussis…and when you almost forgot something so beautiful, something new comes up and you are just surprised how ever ever you could forget such a beauty.

Enjoy this track and until their new album comes out in August, time will fly…