The combination of hip hop + electronic music can sometimes be fun like this. The UK has always done it funkier than the rest of the world and Shift K3Y seems to be carrying on that tradition. Love it how the entire martial aspect of  german and global electronic music is entirely not present – you know that whole dark, moody, brooding, romantic MDMA feel that is supposed to be emotional, but is actually everything but that and sounds more like a cold and empty room and…

Ok, i almost went off onto a rant here. I bet this a tune that everyone can enjoy, you know #whitepeopledancing #youcallthatdancing #whatareyoudoingman and i bet I’ll play this song for some time to come now. The song is awesome but this is exactly the combination that will have the blonde, ginger northern hemisphere potatoe humans doing their cosby dance. After hearing this i’ll come up with a playlist of these kind of tunes shortly. Damn, i like this and this will have THEM in a frenzy. Turn up your systems, watch your white friends, no matter what gender, age (the much older ones will probably still be a bit scared of the negroid overtones) go from toe tapping to headnodding off into a fully executed solo harlem shake… add available party drugs and alcohol to make the experience last longer for the test subject.

Shift K3Y – Keep Your Mouth Shut (Things That We Do) – Ft. Griminal

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Germans will love this song: EinS, Zsssswei… Autobahn! Jaaaa!