The perfect vibe on the perfect track in this prefect combination!

Ok, this was my favourite track when Kendrick first came out with it. Then it really got played out and i expected acoustic cover versions to pop out earlier than they actually did. I heard Jackson Breits cover before and i liked it, not so much as to write a blogpost about it, but he definitely stood out. Just like Jean does with all his production! So in this case, i know it’s just a random production by a producer who hooked up a beat, some rhythm and some effects to an already existing track, buuuut… i’d still advise the two of them to get together and do more tracks. No matter if it’s covers or even original songs, the audience, people like me will benefit from it.

Sometimes the smallest leaps are the ones that are necessary to gain that mass appeal everybody’s aiming for and this here to me sounds like the perfect production that can combine both worlds. If these two went on to do an album, i guess that could go places! I mean international. Jackson seems to be the kind of artist to fit perfectly on top of such a zeitgeisty simple beat without making it sound square, and still coming across as cool pop music while sounding like fun. And Jean does the essential from a dj’s perspective and i like that he doesn’t overproduce it, cause that simply ain’t needed anymore. The beat matches the song perfectly and i know about a dozen cool record executives who would sign such a collabo (if it wasn’t a cover). Overly chill and not experimental at all, but just delivering the goods the people need right now. On some supply & demand ish!

Grab the Free DL. Ps Big up for linking both Soundcloud accounts (Jackson Breits & Jean Blancs). Sometimes overly self-centered Soundcloud bloggers tend to forget that both artists need to be named!

SO the two of you need to connect PRONTO ;)

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