jacko Hooper chromemusic

Let’s be honest… I found Jacko Hooper and his stunning track ‘Egg Shells’ already this summer. While wandering through Barcelona his music was all around (well, all over my phone, but yeah… all around me :)) I had every frozen Chai with it, it accompanied me while I was working through my bucket list with all culture-touristic-trips you can do there (still some left, so I have to come back… too bad ;)) and even the cigarette in front of the sea side tasted better with this kind of quality music.

So why didn’t I share it with you guys? Well, that’s when we started having a more defined vision of what we are about to do now. A vision that is coming true now. So we got caught up in those mind games and while planning we were so sure we had already posted Jacko’s ‘Egg Shells’  since it was such a household song to us. Because it’s too good not to. We know ;)

So yesterday I stumbled across a mail by Jacko. And at this point I started laughing…I seriously never got around to one of our favourite songs of this summer.

Hahahaha…stupid. Isn’t exactly this the beauty of life? Sharing the small things with people you care about or simply the world? Yes it is. So, sorry Jacko for supporting you only now. And sorry universe for hiding this EP for such a long time…Enjoy! It will give you the perfect mood for cozy nights at home. With your loved ones.

Jacko Hooper // YouTube // Facebook // Bandcamp

And to give back some currency here is the video of Jacko Hoopers Ireland Tour he just did: