Emma Sophia Rosen aka VVAVES is a 21 year old Canadian, and a self-taught singer/producer. She has been making music since she can remember; songs have always been an outlet for her to make poetry out of difficult situations. She has been developing her production skills, and through learning the technique, she is able to explore her potential and take the tools she picked up from practice and apply them to her own music.

“Fall Apart” is the first original single I’ve released. I had made only demos and covers, and with “Fall Apart”, I feel it really came from the heart and said what I wanted to say, so I wanted to make a track people could feel with me. “Fall Apart” is about the fear of letting go too much in a relationship or a situation, opening up, becoming so vulnerable that you feel like you’ve let someone in so fully that they have complete control of your happiness. The paranoia of not knowing if it’s safe to truly fall in love. At the end of the day it’s a blind faith. There’s a line from one of my first idols and longstanding inspirations Feist, another Canadian singer/songwriter, that says “..the saddest part of a broken heart, isn’t the ending so much as the start..”

This song will stick with you, simple as that. But more so the tenderness and sincerity of her voice will do so even more. I wish we could team up her songwriting skills, her beautiful fragile voice with a couple of actual producers, like wolfskind, Koni or the likes that are just out there roaming the interlands. Imagine her on a duet with Mat McHugh and you can see where this can go… One can always dream ;)