James Blakes “Wilhelm Scream” is a cover of a great country song


James Blakes “Wilhelm Screm” is easily one of this years best tracks and seriously, dropping it in a mix on top of a doubletime track, makes the people go “whoa”, but only the original, none of the many remixes, edits – it slows it down, but gives the dance a certain deepness thats always missing – clubnights & dances have turned into Hollywood movies, full of CGI and Special effects but no storylines, plots, unpredictable twists and emotional rides.
The Wilhelm Scream track should be definitely among the top 2011 tunes in various playlists. I didn’t know that it was a cover and that the original is such a good track. The comments on SC hint that it was James Blakes dad, but i didnt investigate. Liked it at first listen and thats all that matters.

James Litherland – Where To Turn by abeano

James Blake, “Wilhelm Scream” by blatanti