Jay-Z & Santogold


Been all over the Blogs last week, but i was lazy. Jigga samples and features Santi. Here is the according video, plus the remix of  Santis “Shove it” that i have been playing for the past year, and a dj friendly mix that i found on my favourite forum, that incorporates both tracks – goes from the original into Jiggas version.







Santogold performing “creator” in Munich last Saturday. Sorry no direct link to this live video.

Santogold with Helmut the lampshade live on stage. Helm doing his workout and oogum boogum dance routine, man i can tell how wasted he is. Ps Whats with the “I love crack” tee?!? And i got told that the whole crew was pissed, due to the weak P.A. that was simply couldn’t provide no proper boom.

One more Santi tune which i found via discodust not too long ago: