Freschard Chromemusic

So here is the thing about summer. We all love the summer time. But in this place, where I’m at, right here the planet summer is a very exclusive thing. Only three months each year where the sun is strong enough to warm you up and even during this time it happens that you are going home late in the evening and wearing flip flops and that it’s just too cold. So it’s nt actually summer, but a few sunny days sprinkled in between the overall reinging grey.

The other thing is, everyone is forced to get the best out of this time. They all seem like they are in a rush to not miss the sun light. You are expected to spend your time always doing something extraordinary and adventurous. But what if you just want to eat an ice cream or have a cup of coffee while reading a book? Or maybe just staying at home the whole day? Even if the summer wants you to be outside with all your friends stealing horses.

Clemence Freschard gives you the perfect music for these hours that you can call yours. Grab your headphones, buy an ice cream, and just walk through your town. Watch the people around you and standing still in this moment is so much more fun with her tender voice and the french accent in your ears.

And maybe, after listening to this, you will call your friends and ask them to steal horses with you for a ride to Paris…Bon Voyage!

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