Lilly Allen – No 1 in the U.K.


lillyallenpic.jpgLilly Allens website (best place to check out her music) – didn’t find too many interesting lps this year – actually less than ever and no, it’s not that i’m not into new things – au contraire – i very much am, but there is barely anything coming out that isn’t either watered down routine crap or has any deepness to it or that transforms new styles (not too many in recent years) into anything likeable. i guess the music market just slowed down for the pure lack of money. that is why i think we really are into something with our YUM YUM Sound. We are not being fed by the corporate music world. ps lilly allens lp is actually a nice thing, a little something i would expect from J-5 or so, but here is this little girl pulling out the hammer and nailing almost every other artist/record at present. check her out – and i like the strangeness of it all…

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