Moloko – Sing it back (can7 1930s remix)


This is great interpretation of the Uber famous Moloko classic and its a song for all the people i know, that always complain about how it used to be better, that constantly talk about the good old days. First of i see young people, i mean real kids talking about the good old days…WTF? Well i got news for you… its all in your mind. Sure your body gets older, it accumulates wisdom & experineces as the mind does and you have an incredible privilege of seeing it all, of living it all – you have just grown tired of the your daily routines, had similar experiences over and over, you have become quick to judge on everything and that prevents you from seeing and experiencing every given moment. And then you complain, about the world instead of changing it within yourself. Well i like this song and if you intend to bring it back, you have to start with your own self and nobody else. Ps this is a great, great piano version, and something thats perfect to play when breaking down, not the music but the mood of the dance. Did it last weekend – people loved it… ah those were the days.. hahahaha


Moloko – Sing it Back (can7 1930s remix)


Moloko – Sing It Back