Ms Dynamite – Neva Soft (Video)


This lady has been my favourite rudegirl ever since i first heard her in 2003 (no not on Fifa 03). Loved her entire first album and almost everything ever since, including remixes. What an impressive and tasteful journey she has been on for the last 7 years. September 4th sees the release of her new single and she has truly neva been soft all those years, and has through her releases always been a steady indicator of where the urban Uk sound was at. If you live in the Uk you probably disagree, but from this side of the channel it pretty much looks like it and i salute her new material. Always tasteful, yet rugged even when intentionally trashy but dead on. And from what the Schlachthof Bronx guys told me the last time we met at the airport, where they just came back from Sonar and saw her live: “No one ever told us she was that hot!?!”

[audio:] Ms Dynamite – Neva Soft