After reaching 1 Mio follower on YouTube, the Munich based Channel and future bass tastemaker Cloudkid, is having a ball in conjunction with Uberbasss, as a one off night, this friday, May 12th 2017, with selected Acts and buddies: Nebbra (Paris, FR) / TRAILS (Berlin, DE) / Mindsight (München, DE) + Guests.
They asked us to give out tickets, but we are really busy this week, basically establishing what you guys did on YouTube on our playing field aka Spotify, that we really have not time for any kind of messaging, back and forth. So go we’ll limit it to Facebook, grab your chalices, do your duty, spend a buck and support your homegrown youngsters and future bass innovators. Well done!
ps. Josh, one of the young cats in charge is a guy i thoroughy like and always tried to support, and i am happy that his qualities are emerging more and more, while his focus is sharpening. It seems to pay off what you have sown ;)