“I woke up early on my born day, I’m twenty it’s a blessin, the essence of adolescence leaves my body now I’m fresh n’ my physical frame is celebrated cuz I made it one quarter through life some godly like thing created.”

~Life’s a Bitch

nas illmatic hard to tell 1

Here’s what Cookin Soul had to say about their mixtape and i can’t argue with any of that. All i can add that there is no way you can improve Nas’s Illmatic album and its impeccable production and lyrics. I see this as a tribute to an album where i (we) know every break, every verse and heard it all a million times while still not getting tired of it:

“In 2014, 20 years after its release, Illmatic is still considered as arguably the best hip-hop album of all times. Our intention when creating “Soulmatic” was not to just remix Illmatic album as such. Actually Soulmatic only contains 4 remixes from the original album… Also we have added a number of musical skits including comments, feelings and experiences from those who created the original album. The “Cookin Soul” way to get the listener closer to that particular state of mind that led to the creation of such a classic.”

nas illmatic hard to tell 2

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