New YUM YUM Top Tune Selection for October


013_2.jpgWith a brandnew YUM YUM coming up tomorrow night and new YUM YUM TeamUp in 2 weeks – there better be new material.

So here it is even though there is more stuff and most of you aren`t even familiar with last months stuff yet.
1. “Gotta Find a new World” Al Green/ Mark Ronson Edit (YUM YUM Version)
2. “Valerie Rmx” Amy Winehouse & Mark Ronson (Baby J Reggae)
3. “Buffalo Girls” Bob Kingston (from my UK buddies)
4. “Fine” new Mary J. Blige Single (anything she touches…)
5. “Papa” James Brown – Bmore Edit by Dj Eli
6. “L-O-V-E” Joss Stone (great cover version)
7. “Bubbly” Colbie Caillat (really diggin this kind of sound)
8. “Use your Love” B.O.B. funniest down South track, sampling the Outfield