“One fine morning” – YUM YUM Version


080406-p3.jpgOne fine morning” YUM YUM Version :
Just a tune i did recently: It is a song that i like to put on when i get up or before i leave the house. That’s why i called it “One fine morning” – that kind of vibe in a song sings of a beautiful tomorrow – a new morning in another world. It reminds me of waking up at my fathers house at the seaside, where i was born, with the sun shining on your belly. Those were the days…
The song smoothes me out but not in a narcotizing way – it rather amps me up with calmness (if that is possible). I love her (MJB) vocals on top of a straight production with the sample saying: northern soul, rocksteady, ska, original soulful music. i guess the soul in it makes me like that piece and put it on repeat in my itunes/winamp… whatever. If you are into these kind of tunes i guess you will have the same kind of appreciation and usage for this song as i do. Its also perfect for any dancefloor. Here is a good quality 256kb version. Ps – I like to play it loud and you are definitely gonna hear it at this Fridays YUM YUM Bday