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It seems like especially by the end of winter what people are craving the most is LOVE. After the release of “Like A New Love” by Achtabahn yesterday, there’s one more special track I’d like to share with you: PJU – Say You Love Me ft River, remixed by Arthur Younger. Why special? The London based producer Michael Nash sadly passed away and this remix of PJU – Say You Love Me Feat. River was his most recent remix 2 weeks before his passing. The official release date for the original and 3 more mixes will be 11th of March. By giving this remix the most attention the label guys of TVG simply pay their’s last respect to him.

In general I try to avoid “emotionally charged” and “attention grabbing” news like this tragic story, that tend to get misused for promotional purposes, and I strongly believe the amount of negativity that we are all confronted with day by day is already enough for our health and immune system.
But equally I think it’s important to use your voice wherever and whenever it’s possible. Even a platform like soundcloud, that is mostly ego and competition driven, can be used for the greater good, like donating for the same cure that killed Michael. Read Michael’s full story here !

This is how his friends will always remember him:
“Despite his complicated and debilitating illness, Michael lived life to the fullest and made everyday count. He was a strong believer in positive mental attitude and always seeing the silver lining, even in his darkest times. He was an inspiration to everyone around him and would want us share his story to help anyone in a similar situation.”

I normally don’t do this but in this case i encourage you to click the pre order button. It’s for a good cause.

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