Savage af !

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Brilliant little gem here. Really caught my attention the 3rd or 4th time i heard it. As simple as it is, this is a super welcome change of pace, even though using the commonly featured elements known from current and past trap & future bass tracks, it has something very organic and juicy about it. Really hard for me to put my finger on, even though describing music, one is always super tempted to point towards the gracious tender vocals or the uber awesome production. None of that really applies, even though i am super digging the arrangement and the way her vocals just drift (no pun) and glide across the simple but super effective beat. Gosh i actually love the vocals. While everybody’s going the Chainsmokers route and/or the super played Future Bass approach. This track is not jumping on the bandwagon. Ps watch it work on the dance floor, it has that raw gritty element that all those lip gloss future bass tracks are missing, while it still sounds super easy on the ear. You can tell i dig this tune — mucho. And what i think strikes a chord with me is that it’s the perfect balance between Macho Man Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth —> Savage af

Currently my favourite tune when playing action packed games! This track gets my full stoned gamer state of mind approval & certificate. According to iTunes i listened to “Drifting” 69 times last Saturday while revisiting Arkham City. kek

ps i really hope you guys have more tracks like this in the works, you need to feed the hunger ;)

Add it to your Spotify and put it on repeat!