Schlachthof Bronx – Ghettobootytechbasslinestomping music from my hood


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They are all over the blogland and they come from mi barrio, so even if they did crap music i’d write about them, but honestly they simply don’t… Great tunes not in the YUM YUM vein, but useful for our new imprint Topfriendmusic which is already national.

Here is a full on selection of their material, so you get to pick your faves. (I’ll jsut copy paste the mail, cause it truly is plenty of stuff they have to offer)

poppin       is  baltimore bassline.
guata         is  hypnotic afrobeats
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ghettosuperstar                is heavy swearword cut-up bounce.
bretto                             is bassline with german attitude dropping.
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fatthing remix                   is a dubstep-version of the famous fatthing-riddim.
we nah fraid                     is straight forward kuduro-bassline.
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PS!!! they even sent me another new track, a couple of hours later but i will save that for Wednesday to make sure they reappear on this website. Maybe next time a bit more about their radio-raves. Way to go, fellas.