Loving the Material Design Cover? Us too, just wait till you hear the tune!

sonnen gruss neoploitan dreams

Sonnengruss, after having been remixed by everyone this last year, are hitting us up with their first official offering and are delivering some magical summer vibes with “Neopolitan Dreams”, featuring the very talented Jana on vocals. Her Voice, somewhere between sounding smoky and whispering Lisa Mitchells original is quite unique and intimate, and i really can’t put my finger on the production and tell you why i think it’s gripping, cause it definitely is, with all those techy chords going on and the super catchy Hook with that Synth-solo. Yes i said it… synth solo! Somehow sounds like a bastard child of Alan Walker, Major Lazers Lean on, 90s house and that whole modern deep house meets singer songwriter without even using a guitar. I really enjoy that song not using a single element of Lisa Mitchells original, and honestly i am like super fed up with folky guitars on proper beats! Can´t wait to hear the song being played everywhere – not! Grab it before it becomes famous and you learn to hate this new style! Puff puff pass, Lean back, close your eyes and enjoy this brilliant song, even when you are only high on life… <3

Ps in case you were wondering. Sonnengruss are all over the place Dj Jean Blanc and much sought after producer Dominic of Lakechild fame. Follow Sonnengruss on: