After creating a bit of a fuss on FM4 and getting great feedback from all over the place i decided to have a couple of physical copies of my “Sweet Serenade Mix” with Artwork and all – We will be giving some out at the next YUM YUM in Munich Aug 7th. And some will be given out in befriended shops. Sign up to our Newsletter or join our Facebook group for more infos.

PS there is a Vol 2 coming in a couple of weeks to sweeten your summers days.

Here is what my FM4 peoples had to say about this thing.

FM4 Unlimited –

Here it is once more:

YUM YUM – Sweet Serenade – compiled by chrome


1. meiko – how lucky are we
2. matt costa – sunshine
3. free fallin – kings of convenience
4. doorbell – jack johnson
5. breathe –  alexi murdoch
6. word up – willis
7. train song – feist and ben gibbard
8. les artistes – lilly wood and the prick
9. starsong… what became of us – sylvia lewis
10. everywhere – vampire weekend
11. hiding – meiko
12. country road – jack johnson and paula fuga
13. the way i am – ingrid michaelson
14. sweeter than this – ketie herzig
15. blue mind – alexi murdoch
16. d.a.n.c.e. – get cape, wear, fly
17. i’ll kill her – soko
18. boys don’t cry – victor malloy
19. kids – the kooks
20. be ok – ingrid michaelson
21. everything is moving so fast – great lake swimmers
22. human – jonna lee
23. new romantic – laura marling
24. highschool stalker – hello saferide
25. ain’t no reason – brett dennen