“My dreams stand in the distance
slowly fading from my existence”

– Tom Misch & Carmody

tom misch and carmody

At first i just wanted to show you one song by this awesome Duo: Tom Misch & Carmody. But in fact i love all their music, so i just made a small playlist with their songs. Because honestly i believe that all and each of their songs deserves to be listened to. There is Tom Misch (whose music is already lovely), and then there is Carmody (who adds just that extra touch), then there are the two of them together…I wasnt really able to find out how they are connected and who’s in charge of what in their musical duties…Well, who knows… for me it doesnt matter.
The last few weeks we had their tune “Last Song” on repeat and we placed it on our latest Sweet Serenade Mixtape as well. So its about due time now to honour these guys accomplished works :) When i listen to them a soothing calmness spreads across my face and my thoughts start to dissolve…. i hope you’ll enjoy it as much as i do and enough with the sweet words… i guess by now you get what I am talking about…

p.s.: like Carmody on facebook and get a download for free :)

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