So for the second time around, after the wonderful first dance – we have TDG happening tonight, Saturday July 12th…

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And LCAW one of our two residents just released his brilliant and brandnew remix of…

KILIAN&FINN feat. NewShoes – Free (LCAW Remix)

[alert-success]He also has a new Mixtape online (Free DL)[/alert-success]

Hope you give it that heart it deserves.


Gomma Records boss and good buddy of mine, Mathias ‘Munk‘ took Leon/LCAW under his wings, which was probably the smartest move for both of them at this point and you can hear it in his latest LDR edit. I guess the older generation is finally doing the catching up and i highly appreciate that very much.

[alert-success]So three good ones, huh? And that brandnew Exclusive is fantastic! So swing by for a glass of deliciousness, some good vibes and the homegrown sound you only get to gear at TDG – ps see you in a bit.[/alert-success]


[alert-note]RSVP to Tanz Dich Glücklich tonight (Details)[/alert-note]