“…and for now don’t be afraid
If the sun never rises…”

– Cocoon (Cathedral)

cocoon cathedral Dinnerdate

The last time we posted something about our hometown friend Dinner Date was in Jan this year. He gave us his then-favourite songs and we built a playlist out of it. I must confess that I have been curious what this guy is listening to. We always like his selection of songs and artists he uses for his remixes. Same this time. He mixed the song ‘Cathedral’ by Cocoon, a french pop folk Duo you can easily listen to all the time. Once more Dinner Date made his homework more than well – Hype Machine and some other blogs speak for itself.

Get the free download via his Facebook fanpage.

“Tanz dich glücklich” means roughly translated ‘dance yourself happy’ or yet rather ‘dance yourself into blissful joy’

And here is one more announcement we would like to make for all the friends in Munich. We are going to start a new party in cooperation with the nice folks from the shop Kauf dich Glücklich and if you like stuff like Dinnerdate, LCAW or Milky Chance…you should save the date and join us at the dancefloor next week.  Simon aka Dinner Date is going to show up as well, if only for a beer this time, since LCAW is playing. For the upcoming TDG partys we will keep this man in mind. Enjoy his latest effort :)

tanz dich glücklich