Because nothing lasts forever
some things aren’t meant to be
but you’ll never find the answers
until you set your old heart free

oh hellos chromemusic

Some days ago I had one of this ‘bottle of wine’ evenings with one of my heart people. We were talking about making the right or wrong decisions, about love, hurt, disappointments, expectations…About past, present, future…how to keep relationships alive, how to love someone else when you sometimes forget to love yourself. At one point my friend just said: Well, whatever it is, no matter in which direction it will lead you – we should always just DO something. Go for it. Try everything you think you need to try in this moment. Just jump in. It is the only way to give you the feeling of being alive. Even if you fall, fail or get hurt…any emotion is better than to feel nothing and life is just passing by like you’re sitting on a train station watching the trains passing by.
Sounds quite easy and actually very simple but anyone knows how hard this can be…and sharing a bottle of wine with a person you really like helps a lot. That’s my advice :)

This song always reminds me of all this. Hello my old heart, how have you been?

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