Brilliant song about the many fights in non-conscious realationships, that are designed to bring you happiness by meeting expectations and demands, that cannot be met. Or can you meet your own expectations? Of course not, so how could anyone else? People often tend to say, thats how it is and that’s called life and one should accept it. I am a big fan of acceptance and surrender but that’s like arguing as why to eat the same ice cream flavour every day, and forbidding yourself to ever try another. That doesn’t mean go from partner to partner but if there’s an experience causing you pain – you will eventually let it go and look for another way. Maybe one could call the hurt and pain in relationships a necessary experience for one to grow, and aim for another and try to look out of one’s own mental borders, take a different perspective and approach. Constantly reflect what is going on inside yourself and monitor your own emotions without judging. Forgiveness is another key. And simpy give up the relationship with oneself! It’s that easy! You’ll see, it will work miracles!

And as long as you still relive the same story over and over and hang on to your ego, like crack heads to a pipe. A situation like this…

…will easily ignite and turn into something like this. For no apparent reason at all.

Anyways, compelling song By Raleigh Ritchie will make you seek peace on whatever front your heart is fighting. And with the background the title “Bloodsport” has, it has JCVD all over the tune! I just can’t help it :)