this Friday: Top Friend Special @ Erste Liga with Chrome & Schowi


Another biggie coming your way this Friday, March 13th. We are throwing a Top friend Special at Erste Liga. The two guys responsible for the WeSC Mixtape, will be bringing you the latest in chromemusic tunes – you know what tracks i am talking about, if you keep checking back with our site reguarly. Warmup sounds will be provoded by none other than YUM YUMs own Tand Williams. If you came down to any of the previous Top Friend nights at Erste Liga you know this night is gonna be real huuuge… Make sure to show up early.

Schowi and me can’t wait to team up again. We love playing together, no matter how we always turn the party out and contribute to each others sound and preferences and, and, and..

Ps 2 – if you havent heard yet, YUM YUM Berlin (Schowis Party) was so far the best party this year, as anybody can witness who was there 10 days ago. Next one in Berlin is gonna be on Sat. March 28th. More infos coming soon.

Here are 2 tunes to get you warmed up for this Fridays Top Friend Special @ Liga:



and my personal favourite (had to be a new A-trak rmx):



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