Dear fellow white people there are two ways for us to dance to this tune:

The first one is to follow your girl lead the way with her obscene, nonconformist aristocratic way of circle jerking her ankles or…

…or ladies follow your man and do what white folks do best: Jump around uncontrollably find out for yourselves that you can’t jump high, but you can do it more annoyingly often than a grashopper on cocaine, paired with the extra bonus skill to spill everyones drink simultaneously. And no matter which of those two white-people-exclusive-talents you happen to prefer by 1:02 i expect you to lose it and go ape shit to this brockout tune.

I am a complete sucker for D&B riddems and breaks and with some extra percussion, (off drums, tambs etc) this could have been even more of a brockout anthem. Anyways choooon! Horns please!

Skarra Mucci – Center of Attraction [Empty Bottle Riddim 2014]