this year more things fall apart and thats why the “Earth a run red” (classic YUM YUM tune)


With all the things happening in the world, the uprisings everywhere which are spreading throughout the world this year (no matter what the surpressive content), not just the middle east,  and all these evil hierarchies (corporations & countries) losing its grip and even worse to them, losing their meaning, by people simply ignoring and neglecting them, a whole generation and ideology of powermongering is coming to an abrupt halt and end. but like every power that ever disappeared, they are not going down without a fight, or dragging as many people with them as they can. thats why this YUM YUM classic fits the mood.

but that system is outdated, does not apply to the globally connected people anymore, its outdumbed by the people who were tried to be kept dumb, a certain percentage of us has outgrown that hierarchical idea. its old news, nonrelevant anymore and simply has to go, its like the end of the dinosaurs. welcome brave new world.


Richie Spice – Earth a run red