YUM YUM 01.09.2006


YUM YUM last Friday was truly a slow storm on the rise and when it hit prime time all hell broke lose. We were bouncing back and forth between musical categories. Playing everything – from the recent mixes & versions to the YUM YUM classics . Got packed kinda late but it was the last day of summer and the weather was an absolute phenomena compared to the last two weeks. A smile was found on every face inside the venue . Great night – great crowd.
1. “Caine & Cheebaâ€?(YUM YUM Vers) Method Man vs Eric Clapton
2. “Rock with your Loveâ€? (YUM YUM Version)
Pharrell & Kanye West vs the young & “blackâ€? Michael Jackson
3. Doo Wop & Smiles (YUM YUM Vers) Lilly Allen vs Lauryn Hill
4. � I love my hottest B*** * � (YUM YUM Vers by Tand Williams)
5. â€? Stand by every breath “Ben E. King vs The Police (Video)
6. � Crazy As She Goes � Raconteurs vs Gnarls Barkley
7. � PJ & Rooster � by Outkast (Andre 3000)
8. � Shooter � by Lil Wayne
9. � I love my B**** (reggae Remix) � Busta Rhymes & Kelis edit
10. â€? Me & U â€? by Cassie – a wicked little headnodder of a beat
Ps a neat and lovely YUM YUM classic: the Beatles � Eleanor Rigby