YUM YUM 01.12.2006


Well, as it goes – here is this months Top Tune Selection just in time for tomorrows YUM YUM – the first in December on Friday the 1st of December: (all tracks online Thur. 11/30 from 16:00 on)
Ps. No#1 was long overdue and that Badu mix just went down a storm every time i played it. No# 3 has been in demand ever since it appeared on our latest mix and the rest of the tracks i simply dig. Enjoy the treats.

1. My Girl by the Temptations (YUM YUM rework)
2. On & On Erykah Badu vs W. Willson (YUM YUM)
3. Love me or hate me-
Lady Sovereign vs Chris Isaac
4. Show me what you got by Jay-z
5. Short Skirt Bridge Cake vs Fergie by Max Entropy (Video)
6. Don’t you worry bout me – Outkast
7. Too Busy – Marvin Gaye Rmx by Dj Moscow
Our very first Comic book REVIEW of a YUM YUM Night
just a try-out version. we are gonna start from next month on.