YUM YUM 02.12.2005

To sum it up: What a nice band, what a great voice and how smooth can you get? Virginia Nascimentos live gig was outstanding. People turned up late – why? Simple – 3 words: winter – too- cold. But we had a major bash and somehow we had an odd bunch of dj’s. After my set of 2 – 3 hours, Flo Keller, Henry, Benji & i think even Jay Scarlet were all getting into it. And what a far-out mix it turned out to be. It was buttery nonetheless and the YUM YUM catalogue of homegrown tunes is rapidly growing. Stay put for YUM YUM on Dec 16th, when Schowi comes down for an exclusive. Cheers and thanks for making it mine.Wish i could write more but i am still wasted and half way sleeping from this heavy weekend.
1. Z-Trip’s *Motown Breakdown*
2. Ciara’s *Oh- Kingston edit*
3. Dido’s *Closer – Island vibe version*
4. *Ludacris vs Sugar on my tongue*
5. Jay-Z vs A-Ha * Papi on me*