YUM YUM 04.11.2005


Thanks for making mine YUM YUM. Nice people came down and it was instant massive Also, Friday featured the premiere of a whole lot of new produced mixes – specially for that night – but I had the feeling we were all just warming up for the big birthday bash coming in 2 weeks. Plus, we didn’t start giving out our free Cds that night
– We are officially starting today (6 th of November). And a lot of befriended shops are going to be having some.The shops are going to be posted here.
1. White Stripes’Doorbell vs Pharrell
(YUM YUM mix)
/// Link 2
2. Mr Big Stuff vs John Legend
/// Link 2
3. Fugees vs Soundsystem /// Link 2
4. Prince vs King tubby – 7 Samurai
5. Lil kim – Lighters Up
(wait a couple of seconds for the link – after that the downloads are fast)