YUM YUM 07.07.2006


Neat, groovy & wild YUM YUM passed by and the crowd was on fire for the entire night. The tons of new versions were hitting the crowd and surpring or even catching people off guard for the unsuspected. To get an idea of Chrome & Jaws putting down the goods you best of listen to Julys YUM YUM Top Tune selection:

1.  Nowhere to run toâ€? Motown vs Nelly Furtado (YUM YUM Version) very punky
2.  Sayâ€? by Method Man & Lauryn Hill
3.  Prominxs Girl â€? Nelly Furtado & Timbaland vs INXS
4.  Love me right â€? Goapele
5.  Deja Vu â€? Beyonce & Jay-Z
6.  Don’t feel rightâ€? The Roots

Second area was occupied by the Roots Rockers Sound which is by now and especially when they are playing at YUM YUM a big step away from their traditional reggae music. PS Looking forward for Julys second bash on friday the 21st.