YUM YUM 07.10.2005


A new month a new YUM YUM – that’s right this Friday (October 7th) down at Registratur, drop by and enjoy the sonic remedy. New tunes this month, you ask? It’s loads this time of the year. Whole lot of new records coming out, but i’m still not digging most of them, so i keep on doing my own versions which you only get to hear at YUM YUM. Download Octobers No 1 of my Top Five Selection. Had to do it.
Don’t forget: YUM YUM is now twice a month!! See you

Top 5 YUM YUM Tunes in October:
1. I believe in Miracles & Signs – Snoop vs Jackson Sisters (YUM YUM mix)
2. Al Green vs Kanye west – A World without Diamonds
3. Unfinished Thing – Massive Attack vs Amerie
4. Plantlife – Love me till it hurts
5. Leela James & Pete Rock – Good Time