YUM YUM top Tune Selection for December


Hands down, this is our top tunes selection for december, that you are definitely going to hear this Friday night as well as any other of our december dates. Ps A YUM YUM year-end chart of 2007 will be posted here on Christmas, along with some gifts. See you in a bit.

luke_cage_01.sized.jpg1. “One fine Morningâ€? (YUM YUM Version)
2. “Falling For You“ Alicia Keys & Nas ’94 (YUM YUM ‘Bringin ’88 back Version)
3. “Sexual Healing” Hot 8 Brass Band – not really that new, but didnt mention it last time
4. “Most likely you’ll go your way(and i’ll go mine)” Bob Dylan (Mark Ronson Version) Video
5. “Duppy Conqueror” / “Soul Shakedown” Bob Marley edited by Fort Knox Five
6. “Just Fine – all the Remixes & Refixes” by the YUM YUM Clout: Dan, Max, Tand, NotFx & Tommy
7. “100 Days – 100 Nights“- Sharon Jones – Tand Williams (YUM YUM Bmore Edit)
8. “Rich Girls” The Virgins (great band)
9. two soulful tunes: “Where do we go from here“by Alicia Keys & Jay-Zs Marvin samplin’ track “Fallin
10. two more reggae treats: crowdfavourite “Sensimilla” from Collie Buddz Album & “Hot Sleng” by J*star