Urban Noize & Kanye West – Mr. West (Free EP)


Finally a new treat by Urban Noise, this time they took on KENNY. Urban Noize & Kanye West – Mr. West (EP). Download right here. Check out last years favourite Urban Noize Brooklyn Chicago London


Heavy Hitters [Urban Noize Remix]


Homecoming [Urban Noize Remix]


01. Forever West (ft. Vega Choir)
02. Diamonds From Sierra Leone
03. Touch The Sky (ft. Florence Welch & Lupe Fiasco)
04. Barry Bonds (ft. Lil Wayne)
05. Homecoming (ft. Chris Martin)
06. Heavy Hitters (ft. GLC)
07. The Bounce (ft. Jay-Z)
08. Brand New (ft. Rhymefest)
09. Love Lockdown