Walk the Moon “Anna Sun”


How fun is this video, how cool is this song? I feel like jumping..

Another great unsigned act with better pop music than anything on the charts.”this house is falling apart”. no snobbish hipster rubbish, but pure fun and an overall positive vibe! check out Walk the Moon on Bandcamp and buy their material, i just did, these guys deserve it and it definitely worth it. only 9$ anyways (thats like 2 coffees anywhere in Europe). not trying to make you an itunes customer here (at all!!!) but independent, unsigned bands via bandcamp deserve it! there’s a huge difference between a multinational corporation and some music making geezers from Ohio with a homemade video!

Really thankful to amazing blog From Goa to Whoa for this find!! Check the rest of their entries and posts. They have a great taste in music and awesome selections. I’ll make sure to check them out every once in a while. Sorry for taking your content, but this tune is awesome! thx again!